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A legacy of blood and shame… What do you do when your worst fears come to pass?



War shatters everything. The woman I was is no more. When nightmares invade my waking hours, I tell myself that it’s just a normal reaction to trauma. That I’m processing. But the more I try to deal with my problems, the less in control I become. Until I make one fatal mistake that sends me worlds away from Finn and Erick in a universe full of gods and monsters. My focus narrows to one objective: come back to them. While I face my new reality, a beast stalks me from the shadows. And there is no telling what will happen if he catches me.



Blood. It can mean the warmth of family, or it can be twisted out of shape to control and rule. When the all-powerful Sennex appears to be in the throes of a mysterious shadow, I find myself sucked into a political career I never wanted. As I fight to keep my freedom, I discover just how deep the deception goes. While I am busy playing the game, love slips through my fingers, and the only way I can keep it is to fall deeper into the twisted darkness.



The ripple effect created by the battle with Victor continues to echo throughout the island. All eyes are on me: the enemy’s son. And when my mom and I are taken into custody by the task force, it becomes clear that there is a target on my back. But who put it there? As a series of seemingly unrelated events unfold, a pattern emerges. It’s not a pretty one. Old friends are not who they seem, institutions fall prey to greed, and the ones I love are caught in the crossfire. To protect them, I must rise to the challenge of my evolving powers and sacrifice my father’s legacy.


Witchy meets steamy in this tale of soul-wrenching magnetism, dreadful secrets, and magic that could wreck the world.

Healer is a darkish fantasy MMF romance. It’s book 3 in the Fate Cycle series.

Content notes

Some content in this novel may be disturbing or triggering for some readers. Reader discretion is advised. Your mental health matters.

Subjects include but are not limited to: light power play/BDSM, mention of sexual abuse, mention of loss/death of family, mention of mass murder, scenes of trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-medication resulting in harm, instances of violence on page, and instances of death on page. This book contains graphic sexual scenes and strong language. This book should not be used as a reference or guide for safe power play/BDSM practices.

This book is not intended for anyone under the age of legal adulthood.

This book ends on a cliff-hanger.

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