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The letters of love are written in blood. The horrors of death are measured in souls. But when both come together, it’s a sure recipe for tragedy.



I’m not a bellicose person by nature. Angry? Sometimes. Grumpy? Most definitely. Snarky? All. The. Time. However, when my entire life boils down to a twisted game of deadly hide and seek, things start to shift. After all, half of my essence is shrouded in darkness, and like calls to like… While Erick pulls away for reasons I don’t understand and I long to track down Finn’s whereabouts, ghosts from our past are brought to life. Some are even made of flesh and blood… And they unearth truths that none of us are prepared to deal with. But I refuse to be powerless in the face of death again. I’ll do whatever it takes. And if I can’t beat death, I’ll have to join in its power.



This is what my entire life amounts to: failure. My misguided actions will cost us much more than we bargained for. I don’t know how much time I have left, but I intend to transform this harrowing setback into an opportunity. Despite fighting with all I’ve got to return to my beloved, it might be too little too late… It’s ridiculous when you think about it. Love is supposed to conquer all. But it might be death’s cold embrace that will save us in the end.



There’s something seriously wrong with me. The hunger takes over my life like a tidal wave until I can’t think straight. My blood screams for Riley’s body, for the depth of her darkness. Is this how it started for my father, too? Will I become an abomination like him? I hate my dad. I hate this situation. But, above all, I despise myself and what I am becoming. I need to find Finn and grovel at his feet until my knees are raw. I need to keep Riley safe, especially from me. My father dared rip my family apart. But make no mistake, he will pay for his offense. In the end, my void and I agree—bloodshed is inevitable.


Witchy meets steamy in this tale of soul-wrenching magnetism, dreadful secrets, and magic that could wreck the world.


Necromancer is a darkish fantasy MMF romance. It’s book 2 in the Fate Cycle series.

Content notes

Some content in this novel may be disturbing or triggering for some readers. Reader discretion is advised. Your mental health matters.

Subjects include but are not limited to: light power play/BDSM, mention of sexual abuse, loss/death of family, scenes of trauma, kidnapping, anxiety, depression, mention of suicidal thoughts, mass murder, instances of violence on page, instances of torture on page, and instances of death on page. This book contains graphic sexual scenes and strong language. This book should not be used as a reference or guide for safe power play/BDSM practices.

This book is not intended for anyone under the age of legal adulthood.

This book ends on a cliff-hanger.

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